Back to Work

Today was one of putting on the shit-kicking boots and getting back to business. In the span of a few hours, while I watched my patient sleep, I put together our Temple newsletter, added more classes to the Hekataion classrooms, helped some Sisters get registered in the Hekataion or recover their login information, and communicated with a candidate for the Korybantes Path. (More on that later.)

I’m really unsure what inspired this burst of productive energy, especially seeing as how the kitten woke me up at midnight and again at 5:30am, so I started my day grumpy and foggy-headed. Nevertheless, I got a burst of creativity about 9am that lasted me through to the afternoon, and much was accomplished. I felt like an active, busy Priestess for the first time in months, and I’d forgotten how good it feels.

The Korybantes Path, as mentioned above, is a new thing within the Temple. Taking its name from the attendant priests of Hekate on Samothrake, it seeks to re-establish an order of male priests dedicated to Hekate’s service. The Boss has been nudging me for over a year to get this off the ground, and some foundational work was laid in February/March, but it didn’t take off. Today felt like an auspicious day to give it another go, and this time I rapidly got results. After some time spent talking with him, the first prospective candidate for the Path had received his assignment to start preparation for his dedication in February.

I enjoy the work of a Priestess with a functioning Temple to keep on an even keel. It truly does suit me. With school starting in four weeks, I’m giving this a running start, with the hopes that by the time my classes start, things will be humming along nicely.


Letting Go

Today has become a day of purging. The end of a decade of a particular lifestyle connected to my partner’s former job has ended, and we are doing a complete changing of everything. Reclaiming our spaces. The chaos attached to that life is evident all over our home and it bleeds into everything. So this is a spiritual cleansing as well as a physical one. Out with the old and in with the new!

Waning Moon

This is a time of letting go. The temporal year is at its end. The moon wanes to darkness. It is perfect to just release all the psychic crap that has accumulated and get ready to start fresh.

Our town has a bonfire every year on January the 6th where all the Christmas/Yule trees can be brought and burned. This year we are planning on taking part in this as a Rite of Letting Go. Perfect since it will be nearly Deipnon.

At the Temple of Hekate Einalian we have a practice of offering up to Hekate those parts of our lives that don’t serve our greater growth and spiritual good each Deipnon. Sometimes its relatively minor; at other times it is life-altering. This Deipnon build a bonfire of what no longer serves spiritual growth and offer it up.

Happy New Year!

Reflections on the Waves

El Nino has taken its toll here on the Third Coast. What should be cold and snow has been severe storms, tornadoes even, the winds whipping the waters against the shores of Lake Michigan. A restless Goddess stalking over a fitful world. The Temple of Our Lady of the Waters is in a state of flux as well. In medias race we find shelves being assembled and books in piles. The altar is not quite complete. A New Year looms on the mundane calendar whilst the Temple is in the middle of preparations for the second busiest time of our Sacred Year. December’s Full Moon is just past. January’s brings with it the Descent to the Underworld and the Ego Death encounter that is the first necessary step those called to the Priesthood must make prior to dedicating themselves as candidates for that most joyous and solemn role.