Holding Space

I’d been looking forward all week to my friend and Sister Nan coming this weekend to do my hair with me. It seems frivolous, but living in a house of men, girl time is precious to me, so this was a big deal. However, it had to be postponed.

Nan gave me a ring when she got home because her partner had a very rare weekend off. They’ve been mid-reno for months, and alone there’s only so much anyone can do, so understandably, this shifted her priorities from fun to getting things done that had been waiting for a chance for them to happen. No biggy.

The call went from this bit of news to something more important. Nan and I are both nurses. We currently work doing different types of care, but we’ve both been doing this a long time and have a wide base of experience. Nan needed to talk about nurse-life to someone who’d get it and know how to hold the space a nurse needs when they just need to let it all out. We’ve both been there at times, and it is a treasure to know that if it just gets to the point of “peak-nurse” where you just can’t take the BS anymore, someone is there to listen and let all that drain away. Someone who knows there’s no quick fix to a systemic issue across the board. Someone who knows that we do what we do because it is needed and no one else wants to – or they would. Because in compassion we answer the call of Kourotrophos and provide succor where, when, and how it’s needed. BECAUSE.

And so I held space for my beloved Sister. For the one who has massaged the knots from my aching body with her expert hands, and who has been there for me when it’s too much and all I can do is scream or weep. Because that’s also what we do.



Today I was up preparing for the arrival of our refugee kitty when I got the message that she wasn’t ready to come yet. She was too frightened and traumatized to be transported again so soon. Turns out the man trying to control her cat momma had started abusing her, too. She’d been locked in a rabbit cage outdoors without any real shelter in the nasty weather we’ve been having. She managed to escape the cage and get into the neighbors’ attic, and they were kind enough to make sure that she got to the rescue. So her arrival is on hold while she calms down.

This opened up my day and it was quickly filled. A temple Sister and friend called needing a ride in the afternoon. I’d been planning on taking my car for repairs to the brakes once I knew the kitty wasn’t coming, but I wanted to help. Fortunately it was made possible for me to do both.

It was good to see my friend and hang out. Her helping hands made quick work of some temple chores related to getting copies of some tarot decks out in the mail. I had planned on doing this work today, but it was fantastic to have assistance. The process of boxing decks also gave us time to talk about Hekate Rising and other events upcoming for the Temple. Time quickly flew as we discussed the upcoming retreat. The time is swiftly closing in for this year’s festivities, and it’s going to be a busy weekend.

Going over it all with Rena helped me sort out what needed to be done yet in prep for the retreat, and I got some useful ideas from her as well. There’s always so much to be done, but this year seems especially packed. I was honestly starting to feel overwhelmed by it before discussing it with her, but now it’s good. I have to remember that my Temple Sisters are there to help, and it’s not my job to do it all. I’m terrible at delegating, but if Hekate didn’t wish for me to do so, She wouldn’t have sent so many talented and capable women my way.


Tonight my son and I got to meet the young man I reached out to a few days ago. From the blue, he messaged me an invite to meet at a local coffee house. Connection made!

He’s fun, silly, gentle, and humble. He and my son hit it off, and all I needed to do was sit back, listen, and drink my coffee. But he wasn’t content with that. Unlike many men – regardless of age – he noticed I was listening far more than talking and reached out to bring me into the conversation. It was a novel experience and one that endeared him to me.

We talked coffee, tarot, music, cats, and many other things. My son gained a friend who he regards as a peer. I’ve found a possible musical collaborator on a project that will be an offshoot of Verses in the Key of H. Magick happened slowly, subtly, but also definitely in about two hours. All without anyone having to be anything other than what they were.

All the while The Boss was smiling and chuckling. She loves it when a plan comes together.