The next few days are going to get a little crazy. It’s now just over a week until I pick up one of the women who is flying in for Hekate Rising from the shuttle terminal in town. In those few days, I will: have drywallers coming in to do a second estimate after the first came in a bit steep; meet with my academic advisor and set my schedule for the next semester of school; go see my family for a reunion; do the last of the supply shopping for Hekate Rising; make the honey cakes for the Rites; order my college books; get my hair done; do all the packing and prepping to make sure that everything I need to take comes with me; go to the local bakery to get a quiche and some cupcakes; register my son for his junior year of high school; work several shifts at my job; and quite possibly meet with a music collaborator for a project. So in a word, whew.

I’m feeling just a bit overwhelmed with all that I need to get done, but writing it out honestly helps because I can see it and know how I need to schedule it. Tomorrow at 8am the drywall people will be here. Then I go to work. On the way home, I will stop at the bakery and order the cupcakes for pickup next Thursday evening. That night I will register my son for school. Friday morning I meet my academic advisor, then once I have my schedule, order my books and then come home to do more packing. Saturday I will work an extra shift I picked up so not working the day after Hekate Rising won’t hurt my next paycheck. Then we’re driving to South Bend to hang with my family for a while, grab some dinner, and have some quiet family time. Sunday it’s drive back and meet Nan here to do my hair, once that’s all done, I’m hoping to meet up with my music collaborator. Ok , going to stop now, feeling overwhelmed again…

Anyways, this next week is a bit crazy, but at the end of it all, oh so worth it.


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